Selected Online Publications

Beltway Poetry Quarterly

Portfolio of selected poems

Roar: Literature and Revolution by Feminist People

So To Speak

“Our Hands”

Word Riot

“note to self after reading Rilke”

“poem where you are blackbird”

“lady who sits alone on the bench on Tuesdays”


Word Riot
“I Want a Hattori Hanzo Sword”

Beltway Poetry Quarterly

Cave Canem 20th Anniversary Issue


“Growing Up DC: Requiem”

Pirenes Fountain

“In Utero: A Hitchcock Retrospective”

 “Poem where you are space”

Halvard-Johnson Blogspot

“poem where I catch el chupacabra”

The Fiddleback

“When All Else Fails, Remember…”

Mobius-The Journal of Social Change

“If VAs Were Magical Places”

October 20, 2017