Musings of a Netflix Binge Viewer

Musings of a Netflix Binge Viewer

B movies with buxom

beauties, beefy

bodies, dialogue to be damned

circled like rainbow colored wheels,

before falling off the queue;

zombies wishing there were

no more zombie movies

bit, clawed, groaned,

limped, spurted, danced,

pumped gas, walked

under water, walked through

walls, chased Barbara

while on fire, while waiting

for the one girl to live

or fall and scream,

show side boob,

grab an ax,

save the day before

falling off queue;

Queequeg, Cylons,

Fry, Worf, that Misfit

who travels through time

to let the right one in

to see dragons tattoo

men from nowhere…




“an error occurred loading this content”

set alarm

buy a caramel macchiato

pray for snow

repair the mother board’s mind

delete cookies

clear the cache



**First appeared in Gargoyle 40th Anniversary Issue #65

© 2016 Khalia D. Jackson

Reserve your copy today! Preorder ships on June 8th!

March 12, 2018